About me

Firstly, a big hello and thanks for looking at the site. It’s appreciated.

I am a experienced Front End Web Developer who has over ten years experience in the commercial world of web with over twelve years in total and currently work for a digital agency in Bury St Edmunds.

Interests of mine include running, liking hot sunny places and eating out. There are others but you can ask.

What you’re looking at is a person who believes in web standards, and thinks that people should look beyond what they see on the screen.

A website is not just about look and feel it is about the whole package. The code being written, how the copy is written and how it will perform on search engines. As well as this, the usability and how the user would get to a certain page and how accessible is the site?

Over eighty per cent of websites in the UK do not meet accessibility levels which is shocking.

I totally believe in looking at a language, taking everything in and learn it from scratch. Then I find out how something works and then why things go wrong so I can master it. Most of the languages I have learnt over the years have been done off my own back.